Wells Fargo’s Rebranding and What It Means

Wells Fargo had its share of scandals much to the joy of their competitors. As the news and PR nightmare dropped its heavy hammer on Wells Fargo, customers flocked to other banks who they believed were more ethical in their treatment of customers. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you in New York. What Happened at Wells Fargo? There were a … Continue reading Wells Fargo’s Rebranding and What It Means

Golden Age for Small Business FintechShark

How FinTech Helped Small Business Win

FinTech was born out of technology and a long-time frustration by the lack of efficiency in obtaining financing. At some point, people started wondering how they might streamline the process and FinTech was born. While FinTech is not all about online lending, business owners helped the adoption rate dragging it into mainstream acceptance. Continue reading How FinTech Helped Small Business Win

My Kingdom for Some Culture

The culture of a company is a powerful thing. Entering a large corporate environment and you understand movement will be slow and unwieldy. Everything will take longer than it should thanks to the red tape and bureaucracy. Talking about a startup environment and it is the wild west. You are empowered to think of solutions and immediately execute. Things are fluid and agile and fast. Many people find it hard to keep up. One is on one side of the spectrum, and one is on the other side of the spectrum. All other styles fall somewhere in between. Continue reading My Kingdom for Some Culture

Ghost Branches; FinTechShark


Full service banks exist to satisfy all our banking needs. We go in for deposits and withdrawals. We need loans, investments, and CDs and our ‘relationship banker’ helps us with that. Regarding business banking, we rely on the branches even more for fast deposits, merchant services, and so on. Is that still the case? Does branch banking carry the same need for the customer of … Continue reading BANK BRANCHES AND GHOST TOWNS